I’m Not A Lesbian – Rapper Eno Barony Cries Out After Same Sex[Lesbians] ‘Hits’ At Her || Watch Video

Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has cried out to clarify herself after a series of ladies making moves towards her.

Due to the kind and style, the rapper has chosen to be a ‘Tom Boy’ which has made many mistook her for whom she’s not. However, Eno Barony says those comments do not hurt her because she is not a lesbian as they think. She added that she knows such speculations come from being in the public’s eye and the only thing she can do is prove them wrong.

According to the Ghanaian rapper, during her recent interview, she reveals why she has chosen her style of music, she said; she grew up as a tomboy. “I don’t fit among girls, I fit among boys rather,” she said in an interview and added but for her music career, she has to add a feminine touch to be appealing to a cross-section of fans.

Speaking about her style and life as a musician, the ‘Arguments Done’ rapper revealed that fame has gotten admirers from the same-sex approaching her. “People think this girl is lesbobo and they keep hitting at me,” she said

Watch  the video below;

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