“Don’t Call Us Female Artistes” – Eno Barony Speaks On Artiste’s Segregation In The Music Industry || Watch Video

The Ghanaian female rap goddess has share her take by going contrary to how artiste are being segregated in the music industry based on their genders.

While other artistes are being pleased with the situation of things, the Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony has to express her feelings, most especially on how artiste were been segregated based on their gender. According to the rapper, labeling her as a female artist is a way of boxing her meanwhile they all use the same microphone.  While speaking in her interview, the ‘Arguments Done’ rapper, she believes that what men can do, women can do it too, therefore, creating segregations to institutionalize women as a special group of people also creates the connotation that women can’t compete with men and she doesn’t believe in that.

They are putting us in a box because if you want to talk about artistes since we all using the same microphones and stages, you should call us artistes … then why don’t you be like male artiste and female artiste?, Women are special, yes we are but I have this mentality that what a man can, a woman can also do. So that thing like women are the weakest so let’s do this for them, I don’t buy into that”. she quizzed in a Vibes In 5 interview.

Watch the video below;

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